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Our Providers are talented in many areas, but where they shine the brightest is the area of weight loss.  If you're interested in taking the weight off, and learning how to keep it off, Health Concepts offers customized, physician-run programs for men & women.  As our practice continues to grow with new providers and subsequently a greater spectrum of services and expertise.  This allows us to continue to improve patient care, employing leading-edge treatment methods and innovative technology.

The key to weight loss is balancing your hormones to ensure your metabolism is working at peak efficiency. The experts at Health Concepts have programs designed to help boost fat burning hormones like HGH and DHEA, combating other hormones that cause weight gain. We will show you how to eat well and fix your metabolism so it works for you, not against you.  Call to schedule appointment today! 

Richard L Beasley, MD

Internal Medicine

Weight Management

Laser Therapy/Botox

Bio Identical Hormones

Paulette Nankivel, CNP

Women's Health

Bioidentical Hormones

Family Practice

Kinsey Shultz, MD

Family Practice

Women's Health

Pediatric Health


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