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Botox and Fillers

Botox Cosmetic is an FDA approved injectable medication that is used in the treatment of wrinkles.

What is Botox?

How it works?

A powerful toxin produced from the bacterium clostridium botulinum blocks nerves from sending signals to tighten up muscles causing wrinkles. Without those signals the muscles are forced to relax, decreasing the wrinkles and smoothing the skin.  


Botox is a temporary process that last between 3-4 months, as the Botox wears off the lines will return.  Over time and multiple treatments wrinkles may appear less serve as the muscles are being trained to relax.

In most cases, results are noticeable between 24-48 hours and take 3-7 days for the full effects. 

Treatment Area

Facial wrinkles including…

  • Forehead lines

  • Eyebrow lifts

  • Crow’s feet (Corner of the eyes)

  • Frown Lines (Between the eyebrows)

  • Bunny lines (Side of nose)

  • Lip Lines

  • Frown Lines

  • Smile/Laugh Lines



A quick procedure lasting around 10 minutes.

Discomfort level: Minor


Numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to minimize discomfort; Botox is then injected to specific locations depending on the lines location to create a more youthful appearance


Wrinkle reductions

Patients that should avoid Botox?

Patients that are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a neurological disease should not use Botox.

What is a Dermal Filler?

Health Concepts offers 3 fillers: Juvederm, Voluma, and Vobella.


These products are gel like substances made from molecules of hyaluronic acid (HA) a sugar naturally found through the body that allows for hydration of the skin creating a youthful appearance. The major difference between these products is their molecular weight, which makes certain products more effective in treating different locations.

Voluma XC- Lifts and contours cheeks

Juvederm - Effective in plumping and adding fullness to lips

Volbella- Adds subtle volume to lips


Fillers like Botox are temporary with longevity depending on the patient, location of injection site, and type of filler.

For more information or to schedule an appointment give us a call at: (605) 348-4141

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