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Primary care is the first stop and principal point-of-care for you healthcare needs. Your doctor knows you best and can:

  • Treat medical conditions 

  • Teach healthy lifestyle choices

  • Help manage chronic conditions

  • Provide referrals to specialists

  • Help catch issues early before they become larger problems through yearly screenings


Richard Beasley, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. Beasley was born and raised in Rapid City, SD. He received his bachelor's degree from the School of Mines and Technology and graduated from the Sanford School of Medicine. He's now logged  over 20 years of experience. Heavily involved with clinicial studies, he's in the loop on the latest in medicine.

Special Interests

  • Weight loss

  • Naturalistic medicine

  • Research studies

  • Regenerative Therapy

  • Cosmetics: Botox, Fillers, PRP


Denise Carcamo, CNP

Woman's Health

The newest provider at Health Concepts, Denise has over 24 years of Nursing experience. After graduating from Ferris State University with her BSN, she joined the United States Air Force and has held a multitude of nursing and leadership roles. She was awarded a scholarship from the Air Force for her master’s degree which she earned from the University of Cincinnati.  Denise recently retired from the United States Air Force after serving her country for 23 years. She very much looking forward to continuing to serve the community of Rapid City as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

Special Interests

  • Woman's Health

  • Cosmetics: Botox, Fillers

  • Contraceptives\IUD's

  • Hormone replacement therapy

  • Treatment of menopausal signs

  • Management of abnormal uterine bleeding


Paulette Nankivel, CNP

Woman's Health 

Paulette Nankivel has over 25 years of medical experience. Graduating from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. She had a multitude of nursing roles prior becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Special Interests

  • Women's health

  • Bio-identical hormones

  • Regenerative Therapy

    • PNI Injections​


  • General

  • Physical Exam

  • Well-Child Physicals

  • School/Camp Forms

  • Sports Physicals

  • College Physicals

  • Employment Physicals (Including Drug Testing)

  • Surgery Pre-Operatives

  • Medicare Wellness Exam

  • Vaccines/ Immunizations

  • Extensive List

Women’s Health

Men’s Health


  • Weight Loss​ Programs

  • Referrals to Specialists

  • Hormone Therapy

  • Peptide Therapy

  • Vitamin B-12 Shots

  • Liposomal B-12 injection

  • Liposomal C injection

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